Table of Contents

Part I. Spheres and Globes
1: A Semiotic Theory of Spheres
2: A Short History of Globes
3: Juri Lotman and Cultural Semiotics
Part II. Elements of the Digital Semiosphere
4: ‘Inside Thinking Worlds’
5: Dialogue and Dynamics
6: Cultural Semiotics in a Multidisciplinary Environment
Part III. Micro-scale: Text
7: What Does Culture Want?
8: Text, Transmission, Translation
9: Text, Creation, Newness
10: Text, Preservation, Memory
Part IV. Meso-scale: Institution
11: Planetary Systems of Culture Production
12: Bubbles: Production of Continual Systems
13: Blows: Production of Discontinuities
14: Foam: Production of Dynamic Multiplicity
Part V. Macro-scale: System
15: Globe: Production of Digital Distinctions
16: The Digital Semiosphere and the Technosphere
17: Semiosis: Regulating Politics and Economics
18: Staged Conflict: New Demes and Classes
Part VI. Cultural Science for the Anthropocene
19: Populations of Rules: The Constitution and Coordination of Media-made Groups
20: Where to Now, Planet?